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Speedo Ga. - SAE Pegged Wht, Rd Mod Needles, Chrome Trim Rings Style Kit DIY

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Speedo Ga. - SAE Pegged Wht, Rd Mod Needles, Chrome Trim Rings Style Kit DIY

Speedometer Gauge - SAE Pegged White , Red Modern Needles, Chrome Trim Rings ~ Style Kit DIY Install

Be the leader of your pack with Aurora Gauge advanced speedometers. Each speedometer offers precise stepper motor control and needle accuracy comparable to speedometers 3 times the price. Aurora speedometers are available in metric (KPH) and imperial (MPH) units of measures making them ideal for all applications around the world. Aurora's unique auto-calibration design makes setting up your speedometer a snap the 1st time. Built in odometers offer easy programming while delivering your driving details in miles or kilometers. Aurora's advanced LED Illumination allows for precise, even lighting levels on the gauge face while reducing glare. All aurora speedometers offer interchangeable trim rings, needles, and faces allowing you to change the look of your speedometer before or after installation. Includes speedometer sensor backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Aurora gauges offers the worlds largest selection of gauges and instrumentation for your ride, and are the world's only gauges offering interchangeable gauge faces, trim rings, and needles. Choose from thousands of designs and options, or custom create your own online at www.auroragauges.com



Product :: Speedometer
Style :: Pegged Series ~ White
Unit Of Measure :: Imperial
Trim Ring Series :: Modern
Trim Ring Color :: Chrome
Needle Series :: Modern
Needle Color :: Red
Emblem :: None
Assembly :: Gauge with Face Uninstalled
Speedometer Range :: 0 - 120 mph
Interchangeable Faces :: Yes
Interchangeable Needles :: Yes
Interchangeable Trim Ring :: Yes
Gauge ID :: 2.25'' (56.8mm)
Gauge OD :: 3.37'' (85.7mm)
Odometer :: Included
Odometer Units :: Imperial & Metric
Speedo Sensor :: GM
Feature :: Stepper Motor Accurancy
Feature :: Industry Leading Accuracy
Feature :: Designed in the USA
Feature :: Toll Free Tech Support
Lonnie Gilbertson

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